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Accelerated Care Solutions Featured for a 2nd Time in The Business Journals MINNE INNO, Minnesota startups to watch in 2024

A nurse smiling and talking into a headset while offering remote triage support

By J.D. Duggan- Staff Reporter

January 11, 2024

Funding slowed in 2023 after a couple of solid years of sustained growth, but many Minnesota startups are still poised to weather the storm.

Startups based in Minnesota raised about $725 million in venture-backed funding last year, a 44% drop from the $1.3 billion raised in 2022, according to a Minne Inno analysis of Cruchbase data that includes pre-seed, series, venture, angel, and convertible note funding rounds.

While it's been a tough year for some, other startups saw massive success....continue reading


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