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Accelerated Care Solutions staff will adhere strictly to any of your communities COVID related infections control measures when they are on-site doing face-to-face assessments with potential new residents. Accelerated Care Solutions will not share the vaccination status of our staff with partners, however, will provide vaccinated staff if it is a requirement of partnership with your community. 



Accelerated Care Solutions was established to help solve the workforce crisis. 


We partner with home care providers to implement new innovative processes, workflows, and staffing solutions. We will work with your organization to take on strategic clinical and administrative tasks, freeing your nurses to provide care, case management, mentorship and support to direct care staff, providing the best possible outcomes for your clients.


Our innovative services can be delivered individually or in tandem to provide the specific support and resources your community needs. 

Home Care Assessment Support

Whether it is Home Care, Senior Housing, or LTC, capacity for growth is at an all-time low due to labor shortages in the Health Care Industry. Accelerated Care Solutions can help.


We partner with Home Care Agencies providing initial and ongoing assessments so that your licensed staff can focus on case management, care delivery, staff mentorship, and the growth of your agency portfolio. 

The process is simple. Once your intake team has identified a new client, our team of local and experienced RNs conduct a thorough third-party assessment utilizing your agency's assessment format and guidelines. Freeing your licensed staff to plan for and deliver needed care. 

We can:

  • Perform initial assessments

  • Assist with ongoing assessments both in person and virtually by leveraging our HIPPA-compliant telehealth platform

  • Inform your clinical leader of any changes or needs for more services

  • Increase your potential for new patient acquisition, producing greater agency revenue and profitability

Department of Health Survey Preparation

& Correction Service

Survey activity can be a costly and time-consuming experience if you are not prepared. 

If you are due for a Full Survey, going through a Core Survey, or following up on an OHFC complaint, Accelerated Care Solutions can help develop policies, procedures, plans of correction, and written responses to the Department of Health. 

Additionally, we can:

  • Audit client charts and employee files for compliance

  • Make recommendations to ensure you are survey ready

  • Conduct survey prep, survey response, and create plans of correction 

ACS nurses are seasoned Home Care and Senior Care professionals with a broad breadth of experience. Our team is here to help. If you are concerned about your company's current standing or potential survey results, contact us today.

Senior Housing Transition Support

As a Home Care provider, you have cared for, assisted, and cultivated a relationship with your clients and their families. But what happens when it is no longer safe for them to remain at home, or they have moved beyond the services you offer? What then?


Our Senior Housing Transition Program is a no-cost, value-added benefit that ensures your clients have the best possible experience, tailored to their needs even after they have transitioned out of your care. Increase overall satisfaction and referral rate by ensuring your clients make the difficult transition with a team of experienced and compassionate healthcare professionals who will inform, advocate, and help guide them through the daunting, confusing and time-intensive process of finding the right Senior Housing options.

How the Process Works:

STEP 1: 

An ACS Transition Specialist will facilitate a no-obligation discovery consultation to get to know who your client is and what they are looking for in their new community. We encourage a family member, advocate, or support person to join in that conversation. 


Analysis by our team to find availability in locations that best suit your client's needs and desires. Providing them with options and choices. 


We will assist your client and or their family to schedule tours of communities that fit their criteria.

STEP 4: 

Once a decision has been made by your client and their support system, ACS will initiate care coordination guiding your client and their family through the step-by-step process of the transition to senior living, including collaboration with the chosen community's clinical team to assure a smooth and stress-free move.

Senior Housing Transition Program

Increase census and revenue in the most effective manner possible without taking away from your nurses' time and resources.


Our highly experienced team of nurses and care coordinators alleviate the burden of the move-in process for the resident, family members, and community by ensuring an accurate and complete move-in assessment. We gather and process all administrative documentation to ensure a smooth move-in day experience by utilizing consistent, focused processes.

Let us focus on the move-in process, while your team focuses on your new resident's experience. We will:

  • Perform Initial Resident Move-in Assessment

  • Development of the Service Plan (if requested)

  • Full-Service Coordination of Care with:

    • Discharge Planners​

    • Primary Physicians

    • DME

    • Pharmacy

    • Medical Insurance

    • In house Clinical provider

    • Medicare third party vendors (PT, OT, ST, Home Care, Hospice)

    • Long Term Care Insurance Setup​​​​

  • Perform 14 Day Assessment​

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