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Accelerated Care Solutions staff will adhere strictly to any of your communities COVID related infections control measures when they are on-site doing face-to-face assessments with potential new residents. Accelerated Care Solutions will not share the vaccination status of our staff with partners, however, will provide vaccinated staff if it is a requirement of partnership with your community. 



A recent Long-Term Care Imperative study shows that 11,000 Seniors have been denied admission due to workforce shortages in 2022 alone. Whether it is Home Care, Senior Housing, or LTC, capacity for growth is at an all-time low due to licensed and non-licensed labor shortages in the Senior Care Industry. ACS was established to provide solutions to these workforce shortages.


We partner with senior communities to implement new innovative processes, workflows, and staffing solutions. We will work with your organization to take on strategic clinical and administrative tasks, freeing your clinical team's time to mentor and oversee see staff, while providing the best possible care for your residents and their families.


Our innovative services can be delivered individually or in tandem to provide the specific support and resources your community needs. 

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Revenue Cycle Management

You understand what your monthly revenue is, HOWEVER, do you understand what your revenue should be? In most cases, senior communities are not capturing and being reimbursed an accurate amount of revenue based on the care being delivered.


Our proprietary Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) process will reveal how much you are losing each month, why, and how to fix it.


Our three-step process is simple, yet effective:

STEP 1: Spot Analysis

We perform a spot analysis of randomly selected resident cases to reveal projected monthly lost revenue and determine if a more comprehensive review is warranted.

STEP 2: Comprehensive Analysis

We leverage our proprietary process in performing a deep and comprehensive analysis of your entire resident caseload, including capturing any immediate medication and ancillary service updates and at change of condition. 

STEP 3: Recommendations

Based on the results of our analysis, we will provide a site-level summary report, an individual resident variance report, and any additional recommended actions. to capitalize on opportunities.


Resident Move-in Coordination

Increase census and revenue in the most effective manner possible without taking away from your nurses' time and resources.


Our highly experienced team of nurses and care coordinators alleviate the burden of the move-in process for the resident, family members, and community by ensuring an accurate and complete move-in assessment. We gather and process all administrative documentation to ensure a smooth move-in day experience by utilizing consistent, focused processes.

Let us focus on the move-in process, while your team focuses on your new resident's experience. We will:

  • Perform Initial Resident Move-in Assessment

  • Full-Service Coordination of Care with:

    • Discharge Planners​

    • Primary Physicians

    • DME

    • Pharmacy

    • Medical Insurance

    • In house Clinical provider

    • Medicare third party vendors (PT, OT, ST, Home Care, Hospice)

    • Long Term Care Insurance Setup​​​​

  • Perform 14 Day Assessment​

young female wearing blue scrubs and white medical coat, talking on a headset and sitting at a desk

Nurse Triage

Our 24/7/365 nurse triage support line provides access to clinical resources after hours, on weekends, and on holidays. ACS will support your nursing team with highly-trained, experienced, and local RNs. 

We improve employee morale and support the resident experience through a nurse triage team designed to support your community members. Key features include:

  • Highly trained, experienced, and local Registered Nurses remotely supporting your communities during overnights, weekends, and holidays

  • State-of-the-art telehealth platform with HIPAA-compliant telephonic and video support

  • Compliance with AL licensure training requirements

  • Collaboration with hospice and families for after-hours communications

  • Deep data analysis of recorded calls and written documentation to:

    • Alert of new revenue opportunities to improve the bottom line.

    • Incorporate common triage questions in staff training to support staff morale

    • Monitor call trend response times to improve the quality of care

    • Customize reporting to reduce administrative work 

What Our Clients Say

"I cannot begin to thank you and your team for the after-hour triage. It has been a game changer for our nurses and staff. Your team has been thorough and professional. Coming in on Monday, having documentation in the record and a solid log of calls, gives the director of nursing a great start to the work week. Nurses are rested and feel valued. Our direct care staff like the 'one number' call and the immediacy of the response. Our nurses would not give this support up!"

Senior Housing Transition Program

Accelerated Care Solutions provides a one-of-a-kind concierge referral program to help build your census.


Whether the referral is from one of many Home Care Partnerships, Transitional Care Units, or the general public, our referral program differs from other fee-based referral sources.


ACS remains as a support for the client, assisting to coordinate their care and transition to senior housing from referral to move-in. This service provides a smooth transition for the client as well as an accurate and efficient referral for the Senior Community. 

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